Zixten - Dirtbike Groove

Zixten - Dirtbike Groove

kr 1.500,00Price

This product is a one-year lease of the track "Zixten - Dirtbike Groove". The music can be used for Commercials, Social Media, Podcasts, or other commercial uses.

  • Use and Rights

    This purchase does not include exclusive rights to use the music, nor are the rights to the music bought. The music is leased on a one-year contract and can be used for, promoting your business, tv-show/channels/social media accounts, or any way you see fit, within one year. (PLEASE NOTE: videos uploaded to YouTube or any other platform within the year of purchase WILL NOT be copyright striked, or taken down)

    Please note that the use of this music on TV/Radio will include extra costs, and you are required to give a notice regarding the TV/Radio-spot to, contact: zixten@zixten.com